What is Viridium? And what do we do?

Viridium is an eco-friendly company, that produces terrariums to encourage individuals to recycle, by using recycled jars to make our product.

Why we sell terrariums

  • We hope that by creating a simple way to keep a little bit of nature in people’s homes, it will encourage more individuals to ‘bring the outside in’ and for them to make the most out of recycling!
  • We are fond of the concept of being able to make use of the things that people might not want anymore, rather than discarding them, and making them into something new

How to take care of terrariums

  • Make sure to water the terrarium when the soil looks dry, despite there not being a specific number of times that you need to water it, we recommend every 3-5 days on average
  • It’s possible that mild residue may build up from the soil, this is completely normal and can be wiped off with a cotton bud
  • Keep out of direct sunlight – anywhere in a room is completely fine, just not outside

Benefits of terrariums

  • Good for the environment
  • Boosts creativity and inspiration
  • Reduces stress/ anxiety
  • They can help to relax you
  • They can lift your mood
  • Allows you to keep a little bit of nature in your life without the need of outdoor space
  • It doesn’t need much taking care of, therefore if you’re a busy person our product would be ideal for you!