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Here you will find various images of the products we sell, along with their prices. From themed terrariums (such as Christmas and Easter) to framed mother’s day gifts.

Regular terrariums


These are our regular terrariums, we use recycled jars to make them so the jar shape and size varies in each product, not only are they environmentally friendly because they are recycled but they are great for home decoration.

Christmas themed terrarium


This is one of our christmas themed environmentally friendly terrariums, an ideal gift for christmas.

New Year’s Eve terrarium


This is one of our New Years themed terrariums!

Easter themed terrarium


This is one of our Easter themed terrariums! This handcrafted terrarium is made in a glass coffee glass and makes the perfect gift for Easter.

Mothers day box frame


Can’t find a gift for Mothers day? Our handmade box frames are crafted perfectly for mothers and nans on Mother’s Day with a variety of messages to choose from, from multiple written messages to scrabble pieces that are made into thoughtful messages!